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1. Adopting full hydraulic pilot control (joystick) to make the operation of this 5T wheel loader lighter and more flexible and the effect of micro-action excellent.
2. Adopting efficient power shift transmission gearbox to have high transmission efficiency and good reliability.
3. Adopting dual-pump flow converging working system and coaxial flow amplifying steering gear to make the effect of energy saving more significant.
4. Equipped with bucket automatic leveler to make the operation more convenient and reduce the driver’s labor intensity.
5. Adopting high power WEICHAI STEYR WD615G220 turbocharged engine perfectly fitted with reinforced & extended chassis and hydraulic system to make the 5.0T wheel loader have more reliable performance, more efficient and fuel saving.
6. Adopting single tilting cylinder with Z-shaped tilting mechanism to achieve huge digging force.
7. Adopting the drive axle suitable for heavy duty working conditions that has large module of gear, is designed for big workload and harsh working conditions and has long durability.
8. Adopting reinforced, large space and panoramic view cab and spring damping quality sofa seat made by German technology to make the operation more comfortable and safer.

Main Technical Parameters:
Rated Load: 5000kg
Total Weight: 17100kg
Rated Bucket Capacity: 3.0CBM
Max. Tractive Force: 152KN
Max. Breakout Force: ≥170KN
Max. Gradeability: 30°
Max. Dumping Height: 3150mm
Max. Dumping Reach: 1250mm
Raising Time: 5.95±0.2s
Total Cycle Time: 10.95±0.5s
Overall Dimension: 7920*3050*3400mm
Min. Turning Radius: 6640mm
Engine Model: WEICHAI STEYR WD615G.220
Engine Type: In-line, Water Cooling, Dry Cylinder Fuel Injection Diesel Engine
No. of Cylinder-Bore/Stroke of Engine: 6-126×130 mm
Engine Rated Power: 162kW/2400rpm
Engine Max. Torque: 860N.m
Engine Min. Fuel-consume Ratio: ≤215g/kW•h
Transmission System: YJ375-X Hydraulic Torque Converter
Gearbox Mode: Countershaft Spur Gear Constant-Mesh Power Shift
Gear Shift: 4Fwd, 4 Rev.
Max. Speed: 38km/h
Drive Axel Main Reducing Mode: Bevel Gear Grade 1 Reduction
Drive Axel Hub Reduction Mode: Planetary Reduction Grade 1
Wheel Tread: 2250mm
Wheel Base: 3200mm
Min. Ground Clearance: 450mm
Hydraulic System Working Pressure: 18Mpa
Fuel Tank Capacity: 300L
Bucket Automatic Leveler: Yes
Service Brake: Foot Pedal Vacuum Booster, Air over Hydraulic Caliper Disc Brake on 4 Wheels
Parking Brake: Hand Lever Flexible Shaft Controlled Disc Brake
Tyre Type Specification: 23.5-25-20PR
Front Tyre Pressure: 0.4Mpa
Rear Tyre Pressure: 0.35Mpa

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